3 Mar 2016

Tbilisi Auto Rent FAQ

Can I drive to Armenia?

Yes. You will need permission. It costs $50.

What documents  do I need to get permission?

Photocopy of your driving license and passport. Your residential address.

Should I pay additional fee if I cross border?

No.  Just permission fee. You have to pay  for car insurance in Armenia.

Are cars insured?

Yes. Our fleet is fully insured by leading company GPI Holding

Which insurance package?

Our cars are insured by Automatic package. For more info visit Car Insurance

Shall I pay for Car insurance?

No. It’s included in rental price.

Does Car insurance works in Armenia or Azerbaijan?


What to do in case of Car accident?

An insured person shall report the damage immediately to the insurance company and allow GPI Holding experts to inspect a damaged car and evaluate corresponding damages: Call via mobile: *5111 . Also you have to call to Police *112 or call to us +995 55747 27 27

What If car accident is my fault?

Don’t worry! Our cars are fully insured on third-party. You just have to pay accident penalty fee 250 GEL  (approx. $100)

Shall I pay for second driver?

No. Second driver is free of charge

Do you have any daily mileage limits?

No. We provide unlimited mileage

Can I pick up car in Tbilisi and Drop off in Batumi/Kutaisi or vice versa?


Kutaisi/Kutaisi Airport: Drop off/ Delivery $70

Batumi/Batumi Airport: Drop off / Delivery $100

Do you provide driver service?


Do you provide tours in Georgia?


Note: If you don’t find the answer to your question here don’t hesitate to contact us vie Email: info@tbilisiautorent.com