Car Insurance
3 Mar 2016

Tbilisi Auto Rent Insurance

Terms & Conditions

Package Name: FULL

Optimal coverage!
Valid only in case of total damage.

If your car has been stolen or if your car has been damaged beyond repair due to any of the following:

  • Traffic accident
  • Theft, robbery, carjack
  • Fire, explosion
  • Falling objects
  • Vandalism (malicious damage by the third party)
  • Natural calamities (except earthquake and hail)

GPI Holding pays insurance amount in full.

 GPI Holding pays for damages to your car caused by road accidents regardless of whose fault the accident is. Moreover, GPI Holding’s auto insurance team provides round-the-clock accident assistance service: as soon as notification about an accident is received our team arrives at the scene and handles all accident-related issues.
In addition – the Policy includes roadside assistance service for free! 
If your car has a flat tire, or your run out of fuel, or cannot start the car – just dial GPI Holding’s hotline *5111  and roadside assistance team will arrive at the site to render corresponding service. Services include:

  • Pumping up/replacing tires
  • Re-fueling
  • Free towing
  • Jump starting a car with a special device
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Tbilisi Auto Rent insurance allow you to travel and enjoy your stay in Georgia to the full.
Tbilisi Auto Rent Insurance